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…the Gen-Next Pre-school

...when innocent eyes give way to independent look,

...when small little hands gesture you to go and let things be,

....when soft gurgles slowly gets replaced with commands!!!!

Is time for you to realize that your bundle of joy is growing up, your cuddly little bundle of joy is firmly poised in a growth route and that it is right time that your dear angel steps out from the confines of home to a preschool !!!

Years of extensive research and experience in child education has inspired the origin of I play I learn- a Gen Next Preschool / Play School at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai with a conceptual accent on inclusive growth of a child in an ambience of joy fun and freedom that acknowledges play as primary to a child and synonymous to the childhood.


There are preschools and preschools and preschools, but the need of the hour is a preschool that acknowledges play as a crucial for a child and indistinguishable for childhood. Young children have incredible ability to learn.

Their brains are remarkably sharp and that necessitates the provision of an environment to foster learning at this young age. A preschool with holistic knowledge, environment and right infrastructure in association with parents can ensure quality grooming.

We here believe that every child is born intelligent and is bestowed with unique qualities and skill sets.


At I Play I Learn, Play School at Kharghar will just be a caring catalyst to harness these elements for childhood with joy unbound.



Gym for kids

Audio visual teaching

CCTV surveillance

Sand play

Parents Teacher’s Involvement

Outdoor Visits

Where Kids Play and Learn Monkey


The programme objective is to promote and to motivate self-expression, exploration and experimentation to blossom child's innate talent. The play equipment’s and learning aids are especially designed to accelerate the development process. In order to cater and promote the harmonious learning experience the programme is complimented with age  appropriate developments.

The unique learning programmes are disseminated by the trained facilitators. The facilitators, at I Play I Learn are researchers, tutors, guides and mentors to our little ones who are all set to explore the colorful and interesting environment. They lead them towards enriching experiences and often follow the inquisitive minds in their quest for knowledge reasoning, creative thinking and self-exploration.

Junior kg

Age 4 yrs to 5 yrs


Age 3 yrs to 4 yrs

Senior kg

Age 5 yrs to 6 yrs

Play Group


Age 2yrs to 3 yrs

Color Hands